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In 2021, NFT was the buzzword around the world, with seemingly everyone from different industries launching their respective NFT collections. But as the crypto market went on a slide, NFTs came down with it.

This led many (including some industry experts) to declare that this very young sector has already died even before it could take off. They pointed to the fact that even the more popular NFT collections saw their prices and trading volume declining as proof.

However, just as Mark Twain once told a reporter that “the report of my death was an exaggeration,” so too was NFT’s purported “death.”

In fact, a new study published by CashNetUSA, a U.S.-based online lender, showed that at least in Asia, there’s still much interest in NFT. The study, which used Google search volumes and Twitter sentiment, listed Singapore and Hongkong as the leaders when it comes to NFT interest across the globe.

Even the United States, Canada, and the European Union have also maintained “record-high levels of interest in NFTs,” the study further claimed.

So yeah, so much for NFT’s early demise.

Here in the Philippines, it’s becoming obvious that NFT is actually just taking off, and enthusiastically at that, thanks to the efforts of some entrepreneur communities such as Draper Startup House Manila (DSH Manila).

The Web 3.0 community, in particular, benefits tremendously from DSH Manila’s monthly event called “Bitcoin, Beer, & Bitstories” (BBB), a meetup for Web3 startups and builders. Composed of in-depth interviews and interactive panel discussions with the top movers and shakers in the local Web 3.0 community, BBB is the perfect venue not only to be seen and heard, but also to get support.

DSH Manila’s Artist Collective

July 28, 2022 proved to be a most special BBB event as Draper Startup House Manila not only facilitated interesting and enjoyable pitches from six Web3 startups but also formally announced its own project.

DSH Manila’s Artist Collective aims to connect and empower artists to build Manila’s Web3 hub and will run from July to August 2022. Participants will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Residency at Draper Startup House Manila (located in Poblacion, Makati) during the program
  • Promotion and exposure of their artworks
  • Opportunity to sell the artworks at DSH
  • Connection to DSH network, events, and sponsors

The concept that the participating artists will work on is to reimagine the future of Manila with Web3, or “Meta Manila,” which is all about freedom, decentralization, ownership, access to resources, inclusion, and diversity powered by entrepreneurial startup heroes in the city. It’s a mouthful but it’s a bold yet noble mission that, when achieved, will benefit everyone.

7 Philippine NFT Projects You Should Be Excited About

DSH Manila’s July Bitcoin, Beer, & Bitstories was highlighted by pitches from Web3 startups that are poised to make waves in the local Web3 community. Moderated by Michael Mislos of Bitpinas, the event saw lots of innovative ideas, hearty and fun banter between speakers and the audience, and of course, beer.

Here are the NFT projects to watch out for in the Web3 space!


The team behind Tetrix Network, the interconnected ecosystem that bridges the gap between blockchains, is offering a new and improved version of Pitaka, the crypto wallet “made by Filipinos, for the world,” that lets users exchange, manage, and store digital assets and different kinds of cryptocurrency in one simple browser extension. The project was pitched by Felix Asuncion, Tetrix Co-founder.

Tezos PHL

Tezos is a cryptocurrency that originated in Switzerland with a unique concept: “self-amending blockchain.” Owners of the crypto could vote on changes to its rules and the software would automatically update.

Its local version, Tezos PHL, represented by Gian Ferrer during the event, has worked on different projects to promote the brand such as its participation in Art Basel HK that featured Bjorn Calleja, Mint & Greet that offered a free NFT mining workshop and a talk on the Tezos ecosystem, and Art Fair PH x NFT.


A platform that generates and enables users to create and design their assets and use them across the different metaverses. In short, it’s a metaverse factory, with an ecosystem underpinned by $BREED, an ERC-20 token.

BreederDAO CEO and Co-founder Ren Chong introduced the project, an amalgamation of Axie Infinity’s “breeder” (the one that breeds NFTs to form an egg from which a new axie is born) and “DAO” (decentralized autonomous organization, a system that distributes decision-making, management, and entity ownership).


OWNLY, pitched by CEO and Founder Ismael Jerusalem, is an innovative art and gaming NFT platform that offers opportunities for creators to do the things they love to do and at the same time earn from them. Through OWNLY’s platform, artists can build communities around their work by helping them have more control over their creations while still enabling transactions between fans and collectors.


It’s the first multi-chain gamified DAO platform in the world that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces “at almost zero cost.” The platform, as explained by Xircus’ Michael Molina, allows users to “convert shit and meme coins to utility tokens spendable in their own NFT marketplace, governed and curated by their community.”

Frens not Food

This is a mission-driven project that aims to inspire compassion toward our animal “frens.” The project, represented by Ken Ramos, will release 3,333 unique Vegan NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, with 50% of profits donated to chosen causes that are focused on animal protection, humanitarian efforts, and environmental sustainability.

Artist Collective

A Draper Startup House initiative, this project aims to bring together pioneering artists who will collaborate to promote the notion of a “Meta Manila” where there is freedom of expression, decentralization, and open access to resources and more avenues to spread the culture arts both online and on-ground.

Representing the project were Khat de Guzman of Filipinas NFT, Jopet Arias of Crypto Art Philippines, Francis Lim, and Vandy Pesarillo of Likha NFT.

Join in on the fun!

Startups and anybody who’s into NFT, Web3, and everything tech and creative can be a part of Draper Startup House’s Bitcoin, Beer & Bitstories that happens every month. Just sign up here at bit.ly/BBB-apply to showcase your company or network, and gain support.

Artists on both traditional medium and Web3 space are encouraged to join the Artist Collective for a one-of-a-kind experience by clicking here at bit.ly/DSHartistcollective-apply. Not only will you be sharing your talent with the world, but you also have the opportunity to make a positive impact on it through your creations.

The July Bitcoin, Beer & Bitstories was brought to you by Draper Startup House Manila and BitPinas, our official media partner. If you missed the event, you can watch the full livestream on the BitPinas FB page here: Bitcoin, Beer, and BitStories Livestream

See you at the next Bitcoin, Beer, & Bitstories this August at Draper Startup House Manila!

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