Draper Startup House Manila

Last March 16, 2022, E-chai Ventures Network hosted its first in-person Startup Growth Networking Meetup in Manila at Draper Startup House Manila.

The panel discussion features Jojo Flores from Plug and Play Tech Center, Mel Nava from 1Export, David Cutler from Fortuna Cools, Andrew Koger from HelixPay, ER Rollan from Growsari, moderated by Sharon Vaswani from PanOpthalmics.

The panel discussion mainly focused on their experiences on how they scaled their startups and gave tips on how they overcame the challenges and obstacles along the way. Here’s some interesting bits from our speakers:

“There’s no silver bullet to answer where to focus on when scaling. What are the metrics you’re committing yourself to? If you nail those 2-3 metrics, it’s gonna get you through several years. How can we get data to know how we can improve their lives, that’s when the Eureka moment happened!” – ER Rollan, Growsari

During the low moments we have to be very creative. The low days make you understand are you really in it for the business or are you in it for the fun? – Mel Nava, 1Export

Let’s say you’re a 1 million dollar company and you want to get to 10 million dollars. Sometimes it’s more expensive, it’s lower if you try to develop people inside to get to that 10 million. Get people that already know. Hire someone that has an experience of building a 10 million dollar business so you already have the skillset. As a startup you want to do things faster. Establish your goal and find people who have already done that. – Jojo Flores, Plug and Play Tech Center

It was an energizing night filled with insightful discussions and reconnecting with other founders and entrepreneurs. This is just the start of eChai’s monthly meetups in Manila, stay tuned on our social for upcoming events!

Missed out? Catch the full panel discussion here:


About E-chai Ventures Network:

eChai Manila Startup Network is the organizer of Startup Growth Networking Meetup in Manila x Draper Startup House and the Manila Chapter of http://eChai.Network

eChai is a global startup network facilitating focused local meetups in Singapore, US, Canada, India and Australia and cross-border collaborations. eChai hosts engaging entrepreneurial programs for the Startup Ecosystem in Manila to enable cross-border startup collaborations.

More info at http://eChai.Network

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