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What HR trends happening in the startup space? We asked HR professionals from different startups to share their insights.

Last April 1, 2022, HR professionals and founders from different startups gathered at Draper Startup House Manila for mixHR to discuss culture & trends among HR teams from different startups.

The pandemic has changed the way we work, introducing a new culture to companies. We asked HR teams how they adapted to this new setup of remote and hybrid work, while also managing employee concerns over the pandemic.

Gino Cabigao, Head of Culture & People at Tier One Entertainment suggests, “Get the culture right first, then HR practices follow”. Nowadays, employees have 5-7 revenue as backup. For them to stay in their full-time jobs, Gino believes that implementing a “Culture over HR” mentality will help startups last longer.

Fleur Saguid, Senior Vice President for Culture at Kumu adds, “Companies should be transparent and make sure that the people they hire are aligned to the company values beyond the role.” She also suggests that “companies should make sure to allot HR a seat in the management to give advise on how we’re seeing the team and lend support on how to run the business.”

Leandro Fabregas, HR officer from Tier One Entertainment thinks that “Companies are now more focused on employee experience.” Right now, because the pandemic has significantly changed a lot of people’s priorities, Leandro explains that “it’s important for companies to sell their value and benefits.” He observed that “Companies are more transparent, goals are shared to have a better picture overall and for everyone work as one organization aligned to one goal”

On how company culture is formed, Justine Paraso, Country Operations Senior Associate from Kalibrr points out “Culture relies on expectations. It’s how its molded”. She advises for startups to start investing in their people, to provide them the support and tools they need. More than that, it’s also important for founders to give their people direction.

While the future of work remains uncertain, one thing is certain: HR must stay flexible & open and continue to keep their employees best interests at heart. At the end of the day, it’s the people that make startups grow.

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